After a month and two days, the girl arrived and forgot her birthday. Friends come to celebrate the girl's birthday, and the girl is thinking in her heart; when she doesn't get along with the boy, she is only a birthday, and every birthday later is that the boy is busy looking for friends to celebrate the girl's birthday. I'm still not happy to see the girl. Friends laugh at the girl list. When she was about to eat, she heard someone knock on the door, and the girl got up to open the door. She saw the boy standing outside the door and looking at his silly smile. How did he come back? Three months? My friends froze at the girl standing at the door. They all stood up and came to the door. They were surprised to see the boy coming back. At that time, their friends said, "don't stand silly, come in quickly and say why you gave us a surprise attack." and they took the boy and the girl into the room and sat down. The boy said: today is the girl's birthday, anyway, I will come back to celebrate the girl's birthday. He also said that the place where he worked would not let him come back. The boy finally got through to the leader, so he gave the boy two days off and had to go back by car at night. Then we took a small box out of our pocket. We couldn't wait to open it. A very delicate ceramic pony appeared in front of us. The boy said that the girl belongs to a horse. She was busy at work and didn't have time to go shopping. On the way to work half a month ago, she saw the little horse on a stall, which was very good.